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Primordia combines legacy agriculture and cGMP extraction facilities, forming a vertically integrated company built to meet the demands of the global CBD marketplace.  

Our thinking is quite simple, utilize our access to thousands of acres of prime farmland and deploy state of the art extraction and refinement technologies in a cGMP lab next to our farms, in turn producing great products that help us live better, healthier lives.

The Team

Sutton Morgan

A fourth generation farmer and entrepreneur specializing in organic agriculture, Sutton manages all areas of farming operations from administration, crop production, harvest, packing and sales for his company Oasis Organics. With a deep understanding of the land and a process-driven approach to crop production, Sutton’s experience and business acumen drives all the projects he’s involved in towards successful outcomes.

Grant Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell is an experienced entrepreneur who has launched multiple healthcare companies. Prior to Primordia, he worked at McKinsey, advising young biotech companies before transitioning to London. There he helped integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into McKinsey via acquisition of QuantumBlack, where he also led teams in developing machine learning algorithms to advance novel therapies.He holds a B.A. in economics from NYU, and an MD/MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton.

Mark Samuels

EVP of Marketing
With a background in sustainability and a 15 year track record focused on brand development, digital content, strategy, and identity, Mark’s approach to big ideas and strategic offerings has fostered multiple brands. Comfortable in all aspects of business development, Mark is driven to build strong businesses that influence cultural trends and purchasing decisions.

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Executive Chairman
Mr. O’Shaughnessy, has been a venture capital investor in both a family-office and institutional capacity for over 15 years. Mr. O’Shaughnessy, has founded and managed multiple companies, while holding leadership roles as both CEO and COO. His industry experience ranges from oil and gas, information technology, water technology, chemicals, life sciences, and consumer products. Mr. O’Shaughnessy holds both a joint JD/MA degree from the University of St. Thomas.

Jeff Benjamin

Managing Director
Jeff Benjamin is an operations executive and hands-on general manager with a record of delivering results and creating value. He has held a number of senior executive positions at Exelon, CH2M Hill, Rolls Royce and Westinghouse and has also worked a number of startups, including as a founder of a successful micro-grid business. He has served as the responsible executive for a two-unit nuclear station, been responsible for multi-billion dollar programs and has a track record of developing new technologies. Mr. Benjamin is a graduate of Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program and holds an undergraduate engineering degree.

Rob Kurz

Managing Director
Rob Kurz is a Managing Director at Primordia and serves as Chief Strategy Officer at the Tribe Companies. Prior to joining the Tribe Companies, Kurz founded his own consulting business and served in an executive-level position at the private equity firm R&R Global Partners. From 2008-2013, Kurz played professional basketball for the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls. He graduated in 2008 receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the Mendoza College of Business.
Quick Facts

10,000 Acres

Legacy Farmland

We are fourth generation farmers that have been here for over a century, our legacy farmland has produced a wide range of crops over the years and now its hemp in the rotation.

Infinite Potential

in one plant

Hemp can be made into a multitude of products and will create and redefine industries, what unique item will you bring to market?

Customers love us.

Our focus with you is to be transparent throughout the process and ultimately deliver a high-quality product that’s exactly to the specs you’ve requested.  Part of this process is providing you with easy COA and order lookup tools to streamline your process so every order can be tracked and monitored.  If you’re a customer, visit the login link in the header above to view your latest order and lookup pertinent COAs.

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