Primordia combines legacy agriculture and cGMP extraction facilities, forming a vertically integrated company built to meet the demands of the global CBD marketplace.  

Our thinking is quite simple, utilize our access to thousands of acres of prime farmland and utilize state of the art extraction and refinement technologies in cGMP labs, in turn producing great products that help us live better, healthier lives.

Quick Facts

10,000 Acres

Legacy Farmland

We are fourth generation farmers that have been here for over a century, our legacy farmland has produced a wide range of crops over the years and now its hemp in the rotation.

Infinite Potential

in one plant

Hemp can be made into a multitude of products and will create and redefine industries, what unique item will you bring to market?

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Our focus with you is to be transparent throughout the process and ultimately deliver a high-quality product that’s exactly to the specs you’ve requested.  Part of this process is providing you with easy COA and order lookup tools to streamline your process so every order can be tracked and monitored.  If you’re a customer, visit the login link in the header above to view your latest order and lookup pertinent COAs.

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