Frequently Asked Questions

The hemp industry can be confusing and daunting, we’re here to simplify and streamline so take a look at some of the questions we receive the most!

  • What is Primordia?

    We are a California based hemp operation that combines legacy agriculture and cGMP extraction facilities, forming a vertically integrated company built to meet the demands of the global CBD marketplace. Our thinking is quite simple, utilize our access to thousands of acres of prime farmland and utilize state of the art extraction and refinement technologies in cGMP labs, in turn producing great products that help us live better, healthier lives.

  • Who is behind Primordia?

    Primordia’s collective team and partners have a track record of success in the agriculture, capital markets, consumer products, oil and gas, life science, marketing, alcohol, media, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Does Primordia grow its own hemp?

    Yes, we have grown several thousand acres to date of both conventional and certified organic hemp, all located in the Imperial Valley of California.

  • How long have the Primordia farmers been farming for?

    We are fourth and fifth-generation farmers that have been farming this land for generations, we have executed large scale production of onions, potatoes, carrots, alfalfa, melons, artichoke, and much more.

  • What kind of genetics does Primordia have?

    Primordia has a range of high-value genetics including auto-flower, high CBD, and rare cannabinoid strains. We have made IVKross available to the market for purchase and we have several other varieties that we cultivate for Primordia’s extracts only. In addition to varieties destined for extraction, we are actively developing new and proprietary genetics that will be released once ready.

  • What is the difference between certified organic and organic?

    Certified organic crops have been verified by the USDA as using only organic inputs and methods, for crops, 3 years of production is required to certify fields. While crop production can be done organically, earning the USDA seal means years of stellar production methods and inputs that have been verified by an approved USDA certifier.

  • Why is the Imperial Valley great for hemp production?

    There are many advantages to growing hemp in the Imperial Valley. The top reasons are the year-round production window, cheap water, labor, and electricity, and access to pre-existing ag infrastructure.

  • How do you see organic fitting into the hemp and CBD space?

    We believe organic hemp products will be widely available to consumers in the coming years. Similar to produce, consumers like to know the products they’re ingesting are free from harmful pesticides and organic is one way to verify that. Consumers should expect top tier brands to have certified organic options for most, if not all the CBD products they offer. Since cultivating organic hemp and extracting with organic solvents costs more than what’s been done traditionally, certified organic products will carry a premium price point and will often be infused with other high quality ingredients. We’re excited to provide our high-quality organic extracts to brands expanding their produce lines with the certified organic label!

  • How does Primordia harvest its crops?

    Primordia has custom combines and headers that mechanically harvest the crop and separate the stems and stalks from the biomass, this allows us to cultivate and harvest a significant amount of acreage. We have also hand-harvested and dried for seed production and other specialty needs.

  • What extraction technology does Primordia use?

    Primordia utilizes CO2 and Ethanol extraction technologies as well as an aqueous process that does not require solvents. We have partnerships with top-tier labs around the country that can process our biomass with into high potency hemp derivatives.

  • What kind of products does Primordia manufacture?

    We make CBD, CBG, and CBN isolates, THC free distillate, full-spectrum distillate, winterized crude, and a range of finished products from topical lotions to gel caps. We also work with partners to emulsify our distillates into water-soluble liquids and powders.

  • Does Primordia work with co-packers and co-manufacturers?

    Yes, we have selected several premier co-packers and manufacturers known for their excellence in production capabilities and reliability.

  • Does Primordia have its own testing lab?

    Yes, we have an internal HPLC system onsite.

  • Does Primordia use 3rd party testing labs?

    Yes, we use several labs to verify internal COAs and provide compliance related testing when required.

  • Does Primordia create white label products for other brands?

    Yes we do! We have a whole range of topicals, tinctures, gel caps, and gummies. We pride ourselves on walking our customers through the process of product development and production. We have decades of combines experience developing hemp products and that knowledge is one of the core values we bring to our white label customers.

  • What information about my project is helpful to know before contacting Primordia?

    There are several things to know before starting a white label project like knowing what types of products you need, how many you’d like to order, and how much CBD you’d like in each product. We have onboarding questionnaires and helpful sales associates to help you through the process!

  • How do I get my white label product certified organic?

    To start you must have full supply chain documentation from farm to extraction (which we provide), from there, you must submit an application to an organic certifier that includes those docs, the artwork (including the USDA logo), and information about the product in order to get certified.

  • Does Primordia provide COAS and Samples?

    We do! This is standard procedure in the industry and we provide these to our customers and potential customers daily.

  • How do I request a list of current inventory?

    Please send us an email or reach out to your designated sales representative for a current list of inventory.

  • Can Primordia match product specs from my other labs and processors?

    For the most part yes, so long as you know the recipe or blend, we can replicate your product. COAs also help us to identify potency and minor cannabinoids that will be critical to matching your specs.

  • Are we open to strategic partnerships?

    We are always open to meeting new people and figuring out ways to build together!

  • I have a cutting edge extraction technology, is Primordia interested?

    We have great relationships with trusted partners but are always looking for potential opportunities, please reach out.

  • I am looking to invest into the CBD industry, is Primordia open to investment?

    We are not currently looking for investment.

  • I have a large network of pertinent CBD relationships, can we work together?

    Yes of course. Please reach out to set up a call or visit.

  • Does Primordia allow site visits and tours?

    We do and the farms are a sight to behold. Our bandwidth is limited though so we generally reserve tours for vetted customers and strategic partners looking to kick the tires before executing a deal.

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