Videos from the 2019/20 Season

— Primordia Team

We had a busy year, growing over 2500 acres of hemp from Septemeber of 2019 to May of 2020, all the while we captured some great... read more

Our Favorite Ingredients!

— Primordia Team

We all know and love CBD, we use it every day to help with our general health and wellbeing and of course, it's our core business... read more

IVKross Pheno Hunting

— Primordia Team

We are constantly hunting for the best genetics and have recently produced some incredible results from these efforts at our IVKross hemp seed crop. Over... read more

Legacy Ranches

— Primordia Team

Most people think of the desert as a hot and inhospitable place, a region where things can hardly grow and dust consumes all.  There is a... read more

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