New USDA Organic Products now Available!

— Primordia Team

Strategic Partnership now producing USDA Organic, T-Compliant Distillate at Industry-Leading Prices

As the hemp market continues to evolve and grow during this unprecedented time, two companies are leading the way in providing new and innovative products for their customer base looking to launch certified organic hemp products.  

Primordia LLC is excited to announce that through a strategic processing agreement with Centuria Foods, the companies are now selling an entirely new product class of T-Compliant CBD distillate and T-Compliant winterized crude, among others, that carry the USDA organic accreditation.  These “T-Compliant” extracts have THC removed down to a level below 0.3% and they retain their full spectrum profile at the same time.  “This ingredient allows customers to use the material without diluting active cannabinoid content or conducting expensive additional processing such as traditional chromatography, which can result in the loss of minor cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.  Customers are now able to distribute compliant organic certified material on a national scale and into the global supply chain,” Dave Novak, CCO of Primordia stated, “Our partners around the country and the world are excited about the ability to produce certified organic products from pristine California origins.”

After a successful winter hemp season and harvest, Primordia is now extracting over 1000 acres of USDA certified organic biomass into winterized crude, distillate, and T-Compliant distillate.  These rare extracts carry full supply chain documentation from soil to oil so that brands can apply for the USDA certified organic seal on their new line of hemp products.

The unique extracts being produced through this new partnership are setting the standard for quality and price in this emerging industry, “Our excitement to hit another first in the industry by providing a full end-to-end solution for USDA Organic production in both oil and nano-engineered water-soluble positions are coupled with the ability to do this at scale together with the Primordia team,” stated Slavik Nenaydokh, co-founder of Centuria Foods. The companies are also offering flex pricing with strategic partners so companies looking to guarantee consistency in their supply chain while also ensuring market-based pricing for every transaction, now have partners capable of delivering both.  With over 2500 acres harvested or due to harvest over the coming months, Primordia and Centuria Foods are set to be the largest providers of certified organic hemp extracts in the United States.

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