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Primordia utilizes the latest extraction technologies to produce the high-quality, organic products you’ve been looking for. Cryo based ethanol extraction, wipe film distillation, emulsification, and pressure-based isolation technologies allow us to create a wide range of bulk and finished products to fit your company’s needs.

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We produce traditional and certified organic hemp extracts like CBD isolate, distillate, and water-soluble powder at an industrial scale. We pride ourselves on consistency, reliability, and transparency on every transaction, so inquire below to learn about our extracts in inventory.

White Label

Whether you’re looking for a line of tinctures or a CBD infused drink, we have the capacity and experience to get your project moving. We focus on organic production and processing from the farm to the lab, providing our clients with unique, high quality products that are second to none.

State of the Art Extraction Processes

Growing certified organic hemp is only the first step in the process, at Primordia, our state of the art lab can extract cannabinoids at true industrial scale, producing high-quality derivatives like water-soluble powder, distillate, and CBD isolate.  Our team of chemists, scientists, and engineers are focused on innovation, efficiency, reliability, and producing exciting new products that will help your brand stand out.

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